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Unlocking Opportunities – Data & Analytics in Insurance

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Insurers are capitalizing on advanced analytics to derive deeper insights across the value chain, from risk assessment to customer engagement and claims processing. In the fast-evolving and competitive insurance landscape, employing analytics to inform strategic decision-making and optimize business processes is not just advantageous but essential. Modern analytics platforms enable insurers to act with the speed and precision required in the digital age.

Watch this webinar to explore the integration and practical application of data analytics in insurance. Featuring insights from an industry Analyst, Deepak, and Lohit from Great American Insurance Company, this webinar will provide a comprehensive look at the construction and utilization of analytics frameworks in the insurance industry.

Learn about:

  • The Strategic Importance of Analytics in Insurance: Discover the key areas within the insurance value chain where deploying analytics can yield significant advantages.
  • Foundations of an Effective Analytics Architecture: Hear from Deepak on the essential components and considerations in building a robust analytics infrastructure, along with practical use cases.
  • Case Study – Great American Insurance Company: Lohit will share how Great American is advancing their analytics capabilities, detailing the implementation areas and the outcomes of their analytics initiatives.