CCM Implementation, Testing and Support Services

Upgrade your CCM architecture to meet today’s demands for communication.

Deliver personalized customer experiences at scale with modern end-to-end digital and print solutions.

Businesses that fail to offer customer-focused experiences today risk losing their customers to younger, more technologically savvy companies tomorrow. Simply put, traditional customer communication processes are error-prone, outdated, and incapable of delivering the smart, personalized, consistent, and real-time information that today’s consumers expect.

ValueMomentum can help your business design and implement a CCM platform that consolidates all customer communications within a single, seamless omni-channel solution. Gain the capability to deliver individualized, personalized communications that today’s customers demand while reducing costs from gains in efficiency and automation.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Solution Design

The digital era has accelerated the need for enterprises to modernize their customer communications platform. Whether it is located on-premise, hosted in the cloud, or delivered as a SaaS solution, ValueMomentum’s team is helping organizations develop and execute an engaging, multi-channel CCM strategy that integrates everything from profile management to output tracking into a single, streamlined solution.

Our enterprise-level solutions enable your organization to design and implement adaptive document automation and content management architecture to support your customer communication needs.

Interactive, Batch & On-Demand Communications

Amplify engagement by implementing interactive, batch and on-demand communications. Drive business impact, empower business users, and optimize the customer experience with personalized communication.

The era of one-size-fits-all communication that delivers the same emailed information to everyone is over. With the advance of digital, mobile, and on-demand access, consumers have become accustomed to having communication served the way they want it.

With everyone facing flooded inboxes, large-batch emails don’t cut it. Only relevant communication tailored to the individual’s needs and interest gets any attention. Consequently, businesses are scrambling to meet customer expectation for dynamic communication that flows in both directions on interactive channels.

In our always-on digital world, customers are no longer willing to wait for essential information. They want direct access to information through their preferred channel, including self-service, SMS, email, and live chat, as well as the option to speak directly to a person for issues that cannot be resolved through automated solutions.

ValueMomentum’s team of CCM experts will help you orchestrate all your communication to drive customer engagement, strengthen loyalty, and increase retention.

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