Integration Services

Connecting internal and external systems for seamless interactions

Fast and flexible interactivity is key to capturing new market opportunities

No matter which applications power your enterprise, or where they reside, fast and seamless interactions across all systems are critical in today’s data-driven world. What’s more, as internal enterprise silos fall and external ecosystems rise, demands for integrating a multitude of different applications and platforms – modern and legacy – will only accelerate. Let us put our industry-specific expertise to work helping you create integration capabilities that accelerate your market agility.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Integration Architecture

Realizing the promise of digital and cloud requires architecting your infrastructure to evolve swiftly and flexibly without sacrificing dependability or compliance. Our industry-focused Integration Architecture team is already assisting numerous insurance companies with infusing intelligence and automation to create responsive architectures that are reliable and resilient. See how we can help you architect an environment that enables you to continuously adapt your infrastructure to include the apps and platforms your business needs today and tomorrow.

API Development

It’s no secret that APIs power today’s businesses. Whether it’s supplying a digital interface for legacy solutions, integrating new technologies like IoT, intelligent sensors and AI, or leveraging cloud platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure, APIs ensure you get the job done. However, to meet unique insurance needs, you can’t just use any API. ValueMomentum’s API Development team understands your insurance-specific challenges and can assist you with implementing the right technologies for staying competitive in today’s hyper-connected world.

Service Modernization

A decade ago, enterprises adopted service-oriented architectures to improve business workflows. Now, leading insurance companies are embracing the evolution to microservices and are turning to ValueMomentum’s Service Modernization to transition their SOA deployments. Let us help you break down your complex existing processes into their component parts and then reassemble them into an infinite array of new solutions to supply you with the flexibility you need to capture market opportunities and demands.

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