Legacy Migration, Consolidation and Upgrade Services

Leverage state-of-the-art tools for omni-channel

Streamline operations, step up productivity, and ensure compliance & governance with modern platforms.

Modern customer communication management (CCM) platforms are crucial in our experience-centric world. Home-grown, legacy IT systems simply don’t meet the minimum criteria of consistent, personalized customer communication. Yet businesses often delay adoption of new systems because even minor changes can involve complex challenges that overwhelm internal teams whose time is already taken up with the day-to-day tech issues.

With the help of ValueMomentum, even a complete overhaul of your CCM architecture can progress seamlessly, efficiently, and painlessly. Our proven expertise, tools, and methodologies will make your migration to a true omni-channel communication platform efficient, effective, and empowering for both customers and employees.

Here’s what we can do for your company


Yesterday’s customer communication solutions are no match for today’s end-to-end CCM platforms. Future-proof your firm by migrating from legacy systems to a modern platform that integrates tools like OpenText ExStream, SmartCommunications, and Quadient Inspire.

These toolsets and utilities drastically reduce form design and streamline operations, allowing you to meet your targets for speed-to-market, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize complications. A single, unified platform that processes, distributes, and customizes communications at scale elevates your customer experience and boosts your efficiency.


Is your firm taking advantage of the best that latest CCM technology has to offer? Is the concern about resources keeping you from embracing the benefits of a cutting-edge CCM platform?

We understand that upgrading your CCM is daunting. The rollouts and integrations require deep expertise in key technologies to assess, develop, and integrate the architecture that meets your specific business objectives.

ValueMomentum’s team of experts can efficiently upgrade your old toolsets, so your company can take advantage of the newest CCM capabilities without diverting attention from other essential part of your business operations.

Composition Tool Conversion

Generate better content, faster. ValueMomentum will help you achieve your communication goals. Our experts assess what you have in place and find the best tools for what you aim to accomplish, which they augment and enhance as needed. We put everything in place to enable you to seamlessly transition from one CCM product or tool to another, so you can keep distributing your content without missing a beat.

A true omni-channel communication platform is key to engaging customers and establishing relationships that drive long-term loyalty. With ValueMomentum’s team of CCM experts on your side, this goal will be within reach.

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