Data Insurance

Driving Business Value with Insurance Data Analytics

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Gartner research indicates that insurers who adopt strong data analytics strategies could see a 10-25% increase in their operating profits. But fewer than 20% of insurers currently feel that their organization is truly data-centric.

Emerging tools, such as Microsoft Power BI, are at the forefront of this transformation. Offering an array of self-service business intelligence features, they enable insurers to glean insights from diverse data sets, ultimately fostering improved underwriting, streamlined claims management, and enhanced operations.

This whitepaper offers a look at:

  • The hurdles insurers face in harnessing data analytics
  • Examples of how these tools are being employed across the insurance value chain
  • A 5-step approach to data maturity

Through actionable insights and a roadmap to effectively harnessing Microsoft Power BI, it seeks to guide insurers toward a data-driven future.