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Delivering Insurance Business Value With Enterprise Data Strategy

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The insurance industry is moving toward more automation, customer-centricity, and augmented decision-making, all while new technologies are bringing more and more sources of data. These factors are driving home the importance of a centralized data strategy within insurers that promotes enterprise access and a single source of truth.

This report is a product of the Aite-Novarica Group Research Partners Program. The report presents and discusses the findings of interviews with ten property/casualty insurance carriers that are investing in data strategy. The insurers varied in size between midsize and large.

Based on the Aite-Novarica interviews, insurers are thinking through data strategy ownership in their organization. Many are still dealing with siloed/legacy data and improper data governance. As they invest in building out their data capabilities, insurers are rethinking their process and working with third-party services providers to overcome the technology, staffing and cultural challenges to become a data-driven organization.

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