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Leveraging APIs to Drive Growth

4 Insurance Distribution Channels

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While insurance products were exclusively offered through agents, brokers, or the websites of the insurers themselves in the past, the digital revolution has opened a variety of new distribution channels to operate on. These days, insurers need to meet the evolving demands their customers make for enhanced, multi-touchpoint digital experiences by leveraging traditional agent-, sales-, and broker-driven channels while also embracing new distribution channels to retain and grow market share in an increasingly dynamic industry.

This infographic demystifies those new distribution channels, highlighting 4 of them that insurance customers are particularly active on:

  • Embedded insurance
  • API marketplaces
  • Insurance aggregators
  • Agency platforms

In this infographic, you’ll learn what those 4 distribution channels are and why your customers are engaging with them, as well as discover real-world examples of insurers leveraging them to drive customer acquisition, retention, and satisfaction.