API Banking

Realizing the Value of Open Banking

Insights from TAB Bank's Journey

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APIs are becoming more prevalent and are increasingly being embraced by financial institutions as the future of the Banking, Lending and FinTech industry. Not only do APIs allow financial institutions to connect with businesses and consumers, they provide the ability to quickly create new products and services to meet the demands of the digital customers and grow their business.

The adoption of APIs is helping financial institutions adopt Open Banking, and allowing third-party developers to build applications and services around the Financial Institution. Open Banking APIs not only enhance the use and transfer of data to support customer experience, but also allow businesses to connect to consumers more seamlessly and offer more customized services.

For TAB Bank, Open Banking is a vehicle for future growth as well as a key component of their digital transformation. With the goal of expanding their business networks with FinTechs while providing essential services for these small businesses, TAB built an Open Banking platform as a central piece to their play into the digital ecosystems.

In this on-demand webinar featuring TAB Bank’s President Curt Queyrouze, Cornerstone, MuleSoft, and ValueMomentum, you will learn:

  • The importance of an open API architecture in Digital Transformation and Open Banking
  • The business drivers of API
  • API initiatives for Digital Transformation
  • Tips and best practices to implement Open APIs successfully