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Preparing for Digital

Actionable Insights from Erie Insurance Group and Celent

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The nature of the insurance business is changing rapidly to accommodate the demands of customers, agents and employees in the digital economy. In a recent survey conducted by Celent, 90% of insurers stated that they are engaged in digital transformation in some form to add new capabilities, create efficiencies, and improve delivery to their business. Whether a carrier is far along in their digital ambition or just starting out on their digital journey, building a strong digital foundation is necessary for success. For digital transformation in insurance, three key facets of a strong digital foundation are: technological capabilities, human capabilities and organizational processes.

Erie Insurance has been embarking on an enterprise-wide digital transformation across their business and is embracing digital, while still upholding their founding principle of “never lose the human touch.” The organization has been building their digital foundation while transforming various lines of business. Some key aspects of their digital journey are fostering a culture of innovation, cultivating new ideas, and instituting foundational capabilities within the organization and prioritizing them for business success.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn the “3 Facets” of a digital foundation and how to build/acquire those facets
  • Get an actionable framework for achieving digital transformation in insurance
  • Hear how a Tier 1 insurer is approaching digital transformation
  • Receive practical tips for leading successful transformation projects