API Insurance

Enabling Partners, Sales and Customers

Insights from Kotak Life Insurance

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Insurers are embracing digital like never before. Be it engaging distributors, integrating products and offerings with a partner ecosystem, or enhancing customer experience and analytics, insurance companies are exploring every digital avenue to deliver value to their constituents.

By adopting a digital-first mindset, Kotak Life redefined its digital initiatives to improve the experience of its sales teams and partners, putting an increased emphasis on customer experience. Kotak Life has launched many digital assets with a “Mobile-First” and “API-First” approach in order to offer seamless experiences to their customers, partners and sales teams, as well as integrate offerings into their partner’s value chain using APIs.

The webinar features Kirti Patil, CTO, Kotak Life, Arpita Mitra, Sr. Research Manager, Insurance and Financial Services, Asia Pacific, IDC Financial Insights, Salil Gupte, Enterprise Digital Strategy & Advisory Leader, Microsoft and Vinod Paidimarry, Vice President, Digital and Cloud, ValueMomentum.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Digital engagement trends in the insurance industry
  • What it takes to become a digital insurer
  • An actionable framework for insurance digital transformation
  • Insights and best practices from Kotak Life’s digital journey