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Banks are realizing that to effectively compete in a digital world, they must modernize their legacy core banking systems. Achieving a seamless customer experience is only possible when digital systems are well-integrated with the core.

How can your organization modernize core systems in a way that provides flexibility to meet changing market demands, launches products/solutions with speed, and achieves real-time customer experience?

Legacy core system replacement/core modernization projects typically come with many challenges and complexities. The success of these projects not only takes preparation and strategic planning, but is also heavily dependent on an organization’s investment in Quality Assurance practices and testing. The approach you take to testing and QA will impact the efficiency and stability of your systems.

In this on-demand webinar, you will learn:

  • Challenges and complexities of core implementations – what to expect and why it’s important to prepare in advance
  • Testing demands for core banking system transformation and industry best practices
  • Core system testing approaches and benefits
  • Tips to help you prepare for core transformation success