Payer Data Enablement

Cloud agnostic data enablement for analytics and downstream services

Data governance for better data enablement

Data governance defines and drives the value of data. Setting up the right workflows, tools, and reporting across the data lifecycle is key for successful data enablement. Through the years, ValueMomentum has developed assets and accelerators for every stage of the data processes, helping healthcare customers attain their goals at a faster rate with the best quality of data.

Here’s what we can do for your company

Data Discovery & Acquisition

In a landscape where Healthcare data is derived from multiple disparate sources, it is important to understand the data’s availability, accuracy, and completeness before it is consumed for analysis. ValueMomentum's industry expertise helps accelerate the identification and classification of right data for appropriate use cases. Our home-grown data profiling accelerators help deliver improved data quality at acquisition to realize business value quickly and effectively

Data Curation & Ingestion

Data curators collect data from diverse sources, integrating it into data models which add more value in understanding the dataset. Ingesting data into these models and making it available for consumption is a vital step in data pipeline processes. ValueMomentum has developed proprietary accelerators which can help get data model ingestion and data availability in the cloud at a faster rate. Our accelerators can enables fully automated schema conversion from relational sources to a cloud data platform like Snowflake with capabilities for dynamic creation of storage containers on AWS and AZURE.

Data Quality

Defining data quality rules is a cumbersome and exhaustive process, but a necessary one to produce
consistent results. ValueMomentum's Data Quality accelerator is a code-based engine with customizable rule set prebuilt for the Healthcare domain. This accelerator allows clients to use and update the data quality rules as needed to get cleaner insights.

Data Enablement

Data distribution capabilities are important to enable analytics to be applied on defined, quality checked and curated data. ValueMomentum's Data enablement services help streamline data pipeline processes to expedite delivery of the data to the consumption layer, the right data is delivered to the right resource at the right time.

Data Ops

ValueMomentum’s DataOps Methodology services are designed to solve the challenges associated with
acquiring, curating, integrating, and democratizing data Our DataOps framework has capabilities to log data, support out-of-box lineage and data , quality, and measure SLA and reporting. The methodology also includes people processes as an integral structure to deliver high quality data to consumers fast.


The 21st Century Cures Act has made Interoperability an integral part of the Healthcare delivery system. Connecting members with care community—clinics, hospitals—in real time and have a seamless data exchange between organizations to enable point-of-care decision support and improves care coordination then becomes critical. ValueMomentum's comprehensive services provide health plans with a custom headless cloud- agnostic solution, which can be connected to an existing data framework to become compliant with the ONC and CMS regulations. Our services ranging from assessment, strategic planning and implementation are a one-stop solution to make your organization Interoperability ready.