Enterprise Test Automation Strategy & Execution for a major BCBS Licensee in the Mid-West.

  • Reduced manual effort, instituted a uniform approach with ease of automation and reusability.
  • Reduced ~1000 manual testing hours YOY per project.
  • Agile process efficiencies through implementation of automated testing framework.

Business Situation

  • A BCBS Licensee in the Mid-West was looking to establish a uniform approach to Test Automation across the enterprise to drive productivity.
  • The initiative was a key enterprise priority with sponsorship across business units.
  • Executive Leadership sought to gear up for transformative initiatives ongoing, and in the pipeline.


  • The client was a mature agile development shop and had multiple agile teams supporting several systems.
  • The automated testing effort was insufficient to support the agile development needs.
  • ValueMomentum’s team conducted a thorough, 3 week onsite assessment to understand test automation needs across projects.


Built Test Automation Framework(s) for:

  • UI Testing for customer facing portal.
  • ETL / XML Testing to validate risk adjustment, reinsurance and risk corridors files to CMS.
  • Extending test automation to other projects in the portfolio.
  • UI and Web Services Testing for Internal workflow applications (Group renewals), Individual enroll-ment, Provider directory, Product management, Group enrollment (Benefit focus).
  • ETL Testing for Informatica jobs for Member, Provider, Benefits, and Claims ODS.