At ValueMomentum, our CSR strategy integrates social responsibility outcomes with the development of long-term societal values. We recognize the shortage of quality primary healthcare setups in several geographies we operate in. Our CSR initiatives are thus focused on bridging the gap in terms of the availability of primary care facilities and skilled healthcare personnel in the chosen underserved locations.

Corporate Giving

We believe that we have been incredibly fortunate, and we want to share our fortune by giving back to our communities. Our previous initiatives include donations to:

Employee Giving

We cheer on those from our teams who have taken it upon themselves to care for our communities. These initiatives are solely determined based on what our employees feel they should care about. Through fund-raising campaigns and volunteering time, they support:
  • Financial Support for Family of Indian War Veteran
  • Over 35 Employee selected charities
  • Fund-raising campaign to support NGOs and self-help in their volunteering effort to adopt schools in 20 villages in the state of Telangana, India
  • Conducted clothing donation drive for the victims of cyclone Fani in Odisha, India
  • Supported Telangana government’s tree plantation initiative ‘Haritha Haram’ with a mission to increase green cover in the state

Employer Matching

We support employee contributions for causes they care for:
  • Rehabilitation in flood affected regions in Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Rehabilitation in cyclone Hudhud in Andhra Pradesh, India

Supporting Client Causes

We contribute to causes our clients’ champion, so as to support the communities we operate in:
  • AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety Charity Golf Classic
  • United Way ERIE (2018)
  • Boy Scouts of America, Golf Classic
  • American Diabetes Association Tour de Cure event, Multiple Sclerosis MS-150, and the Seagull Century
  • United Way-Golf Tournament
  • Shepherd's Table
  • The Hudson School
  • Cutis Marmorata Telangiectatica Congenita (CMTC)
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • March of Dimes
  • St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
  • Susan G. Komen New Jersey



ValueMomentum's COVID-19 Relief Responses

We are driven by the belief that COVID can be beaten and we are determined to do our part. Together with our Associates, we pledged to do everything we can to support the extended community through these difficult times.

A crisis of this magnitude requires government officials and employees to step up and perform their responsibilities. We decided to take swift actions to help the most vulnerable in our community and came forward to extend our help immediately. Among these initiatives, we sponsored supply of critical equipment to a bunch of Hospitals in wave I and to Telangana Institute Medical Sciences in WAVE II.

Isolation centers play a critical role in fighting the pandemic. We joined hands with a non-profit organization to set up a 500-bed free COVID isolation center in the outskirts of Hyderabad. The center was well equipped with doctors, nurses, food, medicines, equipment, and ambulance along with a call center providing online counseling to callers, fee medical kits and oxygen concentrators on demand.

In this pandemic, the frontline workers risked their own lives to carry out their duties. As a community, we are grateful for their service, and stood in solidarity with all front-line workers who have been positive forces during this crisis. We supported the frontline personnel of the Hyderabad Police Department who have stepped up to serve the population at large during the pandemic. We delivered Oxygen Concentrators to them. We also funded the procurement and distribution of oxygen concentrators by a non-profit to needy hospitals spread across India and pledged 10% of the funding needed to set up three oxygen plants in Karnataka.

Establishment of Intensive Critical Care Units in Rural Areas

The magnitude of the suffering and loss of life caused by COVID around the world was unimaginable! The surge in the number of COVID-affected cases during Wave-II put tremendous stress on the existing public healthcare system. Medical infrastructure continued to struggle to meet the demand for oxygen beds and intensive care units. Most intensive care unit beds in the government hospitals were completely occupied.

One can only imagine the extent of human suffering in remote places and rural areas if the situation was this bad in cities. The patients had no means to access critical care. There was a need to boost the infrastructure of tertiary healthcare facilities at district levels to better meet the needs of the COVID-19 crisis.

We recognized the urgency and quickly joined hands with Nirmaan, a non-profit organization, to set up community-based local facilities to improve the situation. We funded two 10-bed ICU facilities in two hospitals in Andhra Pradesh to upgrade the critical medical support systems. We believe that these facilities would not only help boost medical infrastructure for COVID-affected patients, but also create a long-term impact for the local citizens by creating health infrastructure that would benefit them for years to come. A facility like this is a beacon of hope because when a medical crisis hits a rural household, they will not have to make life and death choices because their community cannot support their medical needs.

Making Critical Eye Care Accessible to the Rural Population

The underserved population in the geographies where we operate rely on subpar care, which adversely affects their long-term healthcare. People living in these rural and remote areas are compelled to travel long distances to access quality primary healthcare services. As a result they incur significantly higher costs than they can afford.

At ValueMomentum, we wanted to tackle the problem with a long-term mindset and decided to focus on strengthening the healthcare delivery channels in these underserved areas. We collaborated with L V Prasad Eye Hospital to set up a Vision Center in one of the villages in the district of Moinabad, Telangana. The goal of the initiative was to make critical eye care accessible to the rural population. This is a futuristic vision center, which is equipped with modern technologies and provides services such as vision assessment, refraction, anterior segment examinations, remote teleophthalmology, and others. All services at the vision center are free of charge.

Clothes Donation Drive to support the victims of Cyclone Fani in Odisha, India

Cyclone Fani made landfall on May 3, 2019 and left behind a trail of devastation affecting millions of lives in the state. The magnitude of devastation was such that the central government had to declare the cyclone as an extremely severe natural calamity. The affected families were left struggling to meet the basic needs of life.

Our associates came forward to do their part to help the victims. A Clothes Donation Drive was quickly organized and our employees came out in large numbers to donate to the Drive.

We partnered with Goonj—a well-known Non-Government Organization that ran relief campaigns in areas affect by the cyclone—who helped us distribute clothes among the victims. In total, Goonj distributed over 11 boxes of clothes from the ValueMomentum team. We feel proud of our associates for showing their compassion and standing by our communities in times of distress.

Support disaster relief efforts of Hurricanes Maria and Irma

Hurricanes Irma and Maria hit the U.S. with a destructive force within a short period of time in 2017. Irma hit Florida (a category 4 storm) on Sep 10, 2017, causing massive damage across Florida, affecting 6.8 million people in the region. Hurricane Maria brought devastation to Puerto Rico weeks after Hurricane Irma.

ValueMomentum has always stood by communities during the time of natural calamities, and we do what we can to support relief efforts. In this instance, ValueMomentum came forward and donated $50,000 to the American Red Cross to support efforts that help residents of Puerto Rico recover from the catastrophic effects of Hurricane Irma and Maria.

Fund Raising Campaign to Empower Underprivileged Children

We believe there is nothing more important and rewarding than helping children get equal access to quality education and healthcare. There are many Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and self-help groups around us doing this remarkable and powerful work at the grassroots level.

In 2005, a group of our associates raised funds to contribute to the work of these NGOs. The associates identified NGOs and self-help groups that had been working towards adopting schools in 20 villages in the state of Telangana, India. The NGOs had been supporting the schools with study materials and mid-day meals, and distributed spectacles to students that needed them.

Many of our employees joined the fund raising campaign by donating from their monthly salary towards the fund. Aside from financial contributions, our employees also actively visited the beneficiaries as part of this campaign.


Clothes Donation Drive – Cyclone Relief Response

Cyclone Fani made landfall on May 3, 2019 and left behind a trail of devastation creating distress for millions in the state.

Fund Raising Campaign to Support the Underprivileged

We believe there is nothing more important and rewarding than helping the underprivileged children gain access to education and healthcare.

Support to Hurricanes Maria and Irma Victims

Irma and Maria, both category 5 strength hurricanes, hit the USA with a destructive force within a short period of time in 2017.