Core Insurance

Pekin Insurance leveraged their Guidewire modern core to drive business expansion

Pekin Insurance implemented RV and Motorcycle coverages on Guidewire to complete their Auto migration, enabling the company to leverage their modern core to drive major expansion.

Business Need

For almost a decade Pekin had been migrating its P/C lines of business from legacy systems to Guidewire as part of an enterprise-wide digital transformation project designed to generate growth in the P/C market. For the final development and Guidewire rollout, Pekin wanted to add more manpower to the project to accelerate the completion of the Auto product line. This phase included Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle policies, which were to be migrated to Guidewire in conjunction with a major expansion of service into four new states.

Technology and Tools

End-to-end implementation of RV and Motorcycle policies were done in the Guidewire Suite. Forms were developed using SmartComm; integration was done leveraging MuleSoft; and testing of the new implementation was done using Selenium. The main technological hurdle was sharing the same development environment and code base with another vendor who was managing a prior release since the two releases overlapped.

Success Factors

Pekin attributes the project’s success to ValueMomentum’s insurance expertise and experience with the Guidewire platform, as well as the team’s commitment to collaboration, transparency, and delivery.


Pekin has streamlined its software environment, eliminating the manual inefficiencies and cost burden of owning several legacy systems for policy, billing and claims. Furthermore, Pekin has accelerated its ability to develop and deliver products to market at speed, which is critical to driving renewed growth in the P/C sector.

ValueMomentum really stepped up to the plate to lead this Guidewire R5 rollout project. They brought a great team, coordinated well with a competing vendor, helped develop the Guidewire expertise of the Pekin team and successfully delivered for Pekin.