Insurance Quality Assurance

L&A Insurance Company Optimizes Test Automation in Transitioning to a Modern Insurance Platform

An L&A insurer optimized test automation process as part of their transition from legacy core systems to Accenture Life Insurance Platform (ALIP). Leveraging ValueMomentum’s QA & Testing services, this insurer achieved a 300% return on its investment in test automation and slashed regression testing from 4-5 days to 4 hours.

Business Need

The insurer was experiencing time-to-market delays due to manual testing processes. Manual methods restricted testing to a few scenarios and data variations, which also contributed to development costs and lags in defect detection.

Tools and Technology

Selecting ValueMomentum’s QA & Testing services provided the life insurance company with an industry-centric, application-oriented test automation framework. To address the insurer’s budget constraints, the framework incorporated multiple browser-based open-source tools, including Selenium, SOAP UI, Surefire, SVN, and TestNG.

Success Factors

The customer gained industry-leading governance and escalation processes thanks to ValueMomentum’s service framework. Success could be credited to the intuitive dashboard and insurer-centric workflows, which ensured efficient and effective test automation for the highest levels of production excellence.


ALIP smoke testing (initial test to validate a software build’s readiness for comprehensive testing) time dropped from 4 hours to 20 minutes. Full regression testing was reduced from 52 hours, conducted over 4-5 days, to just 4 hours. Within nine months of test automation adoption, ROI jumped to 300%.

By adopting ValueMomentum's QA & Testing expertise and associated test automation framework, the life insurance company has fundamentally altered its testing paradigm to make QA a development enabler, rather than late-stage timeline-extending activity.