CCM Experience Insurance

Global Specialty Insurer Streamlines CCM Platform to Optimize Claims Processing

Business Challenge

The insurer had set an ambitious goal to realize $1B in GWP and $100M in profit, fueled by rapid growth in the past eleven years. However, legacy IT systems and outdated CCM platforms posed challenges to their operational and regulatory efficiencies. They needed an easy-to-maintain solution that would address their unstructured data transfer and batch failure issues in their CCM. Ultimately, they wanted to reduce complications in the document generation process and improve the overall experience for its customers.

Tools and Technology

The insurer has relied on Magic and Oneshield as their policy administrative systems to feed data to Thunderhead and SmartCOMM platforms, which then generate forms and documents for customer communication. As a technology partner, ValueMomentum facilitated the migration of these forms to the Pure Cloud AWS Platform as well as integrating SmartComm with OneShield and Webmethods platforms to streamline end-to-end business processes associated with policy, billing and claims.

Success Factors

The insurer cites ValueMomentum’s technical and domain expertise in both insurance and modern CCM platforms as key reasons for their partnership and resultant success. With the resources and skills from ValueMomentum’s CCM team, they were able to improve document generation and enhance customer experience to support its business priorities.


To ensure that documents were compliant and up to date, ValueMomentum updated addresses for 260+ documents, updated logos on communication forms for partners, and executed change request and minor enhancements. Documents were migrated from hybrid cloud into Pure Cloud AWS Platform to improve services and efficiency and shift spending away from servers and other on-premises legacy systems and technology. The new platform also enabled scale and elasticity and provided real-time access to the latest and most secure features without the lengthy upgrade cycles, allowing the insurer to dynamically scale to peak volume needs.

The migration of forms to the Pure Cloud AWS platform enabled scale and elasticity—allowing the insurer to dynamically scale to peak volume needs—and provided real-time access to the latest and most secure features without the lengthy upgrade cycles.